Never-Before Seen 1983 Mac Commercial Discovered

Software wizard Andy Hertzfeld— one of the geniuses behind the original Apple Macintosh—found these rare interviews from an original Macintosh commercial that was never aired. It reminds me of the now-classic product intro infomercials made popular during the Second Coming of Steve Jobs.


The interviews—recorded in October 1983—feature some of the all-star team of engineers who created this amazing machine, including Burrell Smith, George Crow, Bill Atkinson, Mike Murray and Andy Hertzfeld himself. They were recorded for a TV commercial that never happened and they are begging to be edited in Apple's 21st century style, along with traveling and dolly shots of the original Mac.


Andy Hertzfeld was a key designer of its Mac software. After leaving Apple, Andy co-founded legendary Radius and General Magic, where he pioneered many of the ideas that form the core of the web and devices like the iPad today. He now works at Google. He also maintains, a fascinating site that showcases stories about the original Macintosh development as told from the perspectives of the protagonists.

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