Never Before Seen Look Inside a $300 Million Phillippe Starck Mega-Yacht

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This site is no stranger to multi-million dollar mega yachts, but rarely do we see such an in-depth video tour of these modern day sea monsters as we do in this video of Andrey Melnichenko's "A" from the WSJ:

Click to viewThis particular 394-ft. mega yacht is well-known from the outside, but the inside's been somewhat of a mystery. It's a given that everything inside costs more than most people will see in their lifetime, but we demand tangibles.


This video provides that in excess, from the opening scenes depicting a luxury-hotel style vibe in the dining room to the mirror-heavy "glass menagerie" bar.

The custom banister leading to the master bedroom cost $60,000. A guest room is adorned with white sting ray hides. There's a secret nookie room, because designer Starck is known for his "risque" design choices. Helipads and boat rooms are standard on mega yachts, but for some reason Melnichenko's seem bigger. Maybe it's because, in the case of the boat room, at least, the whole outfit converts into a disco (one of two on board).

Truly, it is good to be the king, er, Russian billionaire, no? [WSJ via Racked]



A small part of me is thinking - boy that looks fun, but is the guy married? Does he have kids? What will he do when all of his mistresses leave him to start families and he's left along with his mirrored and animal-skinned yacht? My guess is he feels alone most of the time as it is.