Apparently, everyone has been so caught up debating the XM-Sirius merger that they stopped paying attention to new hardware these guys are still working on. Audiovox decided to sneak out a product announcement in the middle of March for the XpressR XMCK20 portable receiver, the first, says the release, with a split-screen display that can shows the current program plus five other channels. We commend eCoustics for getting the release up on time, but there was no picture. So here we are, late on a Friday nearly a month later, sharing a low-res but perfectly decent shot of it. For you. You're welcome. Experienced readers will recognize that the interface was probably developed in-house by XM, so chances are you'll see split-screen models introduced soon—if not already—by other brands. This one goes on sale in June for $130.

Audiovox XpressR and XpressEZ plug-and-play XM Radios Introduced []