Never Swim Without a Soundtrack Again

Think about the last time you went swimming. Now think about what else you were doing the last time you went swimming. Nothing! Panicking, maybe. This waterproof Bluetooth headset from the boys at Brando brings multitasking into the deep end.

Whether you want to gab with your friends, orchestrate your next million dollar business deal, or just listen to the Little Mermaid soundtrack, you're only $57 away from adding Bluetooth to your backstroke. Specs:

IPx8 Certified to waterproof (3-metre/24-hours)
"Noise Rebound" technology makes clear talk
Touch Functionality through case surface
13 hours extra long talk and music time
Easy to detach and rotatble clip
Light reflective
Battery – 360mAh Li-polymer
Standy by 240-hours
Version 2.1 + EDR


Of course you could use it to listen to music while you were in the shower, too, but that'd be totally dorky. [Brando via CrunchGear]

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