New 3D Holga 120

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Not only does it look retro-brilliant, but this Holga 120 can shoot 3D photos, thanks to its dual lenses. Each lens takes a photo, which are printed side-by-side and create a 3D effect when used with a slide viewer.


Holga's photos are lo-fi and dreamy, with saturated colors and vignetted corners. When combined with the slide viewer (another $20), the 3D images will come to life apparently.

The camera take 120mm film so will be more expensive to feed than your average 35mm Lomo cam, but at least there's a dual inbuilt colorflash, with three colored gels for each flash—creating all those mad-crazy color splashes. The Holga is available now from the Lomography store, for a not-too-bad $99. [Lomography via The Awesomer]

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Holga is NOT Lomo.

Holgas are plastic Chinese cameras. 'Lomo' was a Russian camera manufacturer that made the popular LC-A. 'Lomography' is an Austrian camera distributor that took its name from Lomo that also happen to sell Holgas at inflated hipster prices.

A more apt term to describe Holgas would be Low Fidelity or lo-fi.