Fire your babysitter, because Disney just dropped a brand new app that lets you watch Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies you bought on iTunes and ones you own on DVD from your iPhone or iPad. Eureka.

You just need a Disney account to watch movies in the app, and from there you can link it with your iTunes account to see the titles you already own. You can also peep DVDs or Blurays already in your physical catalog by entering the digital copy code that comes printed on the disc. You don't have to store movies on your device either—you can stream from a selection of around 420 titles and counting. That means there's plenty your kid (and you) will want to watch, from The Muppets to the Nightmare Before Christmas to Monsters University and then some. Also, no need to worry about kids getting into stuff that's inappropriate for them—Disney says everything is a very kosher PG-13 or tamer.


There's also plenty of premium content to boast of. Whereas in regular ol' iTunes you can only watch Wreck-It Ralph, in movies anywhere you get deleted scenes and whatnot. The app will also let you do things like bookmark titles and features you love them most, so you can access them quickly. Until now, you've had to watch your iTunes content through iTunes. With Disney Movies Anywhere, they're a little bit more free to be organized how you'd like. Anyone who has ever spent a couple of hours with a four-year-old who wants to watch the same Disney movie three times in a row knows just how genius this is. [App Store]

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