Crazy camera trick takes the Hitchcock zoom to a whole new LSD level

You know the Hitchcock zoom effect: A camera on a dolly moves back or forward as the lenses zoom in or out, changing the field of view. French photographer Micaël Reynaud has created a new variation of the technique—which you can see above—combining the dolly zoom with slit-scan photography.


The dolly zoom effect was developed "by Irmin Roberts, a Paramount second-unit cameraman, and was famously used by Alfred Hitchcock in his film Vertigo." The slit-scan is a technique that involves extracting a vertical single pixel wide line from each video frame and then recombining them into a new video.

Confused? Here's the visual explanation:

Dolly zoom

+ Slit-scan

= Psychedelic slit-scan dolly zoom


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Is that really what it looks like when you take LSD?