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New Daylight Saving Time Rules Will Ruin Your Gadgets' Clocks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The new daylight saving time rules that Congress passed in 2005 could screw with many of your precious gadgets. DST starts three weeks earlier than last year, on March 11, and ends one week later than before, on November 4. While not pulling a Henny-penny quite yet, analysts are warning people to make sure to grab any updates for their gadgets lest they be an hour off schedule. Smartphone users are particularly vulnerable since they need to update both their phone and computer in order to keep their schedules events on time.

There's already a bunch of reports of IT managers having a hell of a time trying to update all the machines they're responsible for. Combine that with the fact that the average BlackBerry-toting businessman can't be bothered to download and install updates (they're too busy making money), and we could have a very interesting few days. Then again, there were predictions of death and destruction during that whole Y2K thing and that panned out smoothly.


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