New footage from I Am Number Four shows the alien-Glee love connection

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New teen action alien movie I Am Number Four has released a new featurette with lots of new footage. We're down - except for them trying to convince us that Quinn from Glee is playing an unpopular "loner."

Looks great, but you're not fooling anyone Disney. Dianna Agron could sit in the senior quad munching on her own scabs and she'd STILL be considered desirable in High School. To be fair, the novel explains that the reason Agron is considered a loner in this High School is because she leaves her popular friends (who turn out to be dicks) to be with the weird alien guy. Which makes even more sense, because look at that hideous freak. How children did not pelt his tanned abs with rocks on his daily walk to school, we'll never know.

Ah well, hopefully the next featurette will focus more on the alien explosions and less on making me feel sorry for gorgeous people I already like. Let's get to the Ducatis and alien sword fights!