New Hardware iPhone Unlocking Method Won't Void Your Warranty If You Are Careful

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Click to view[UPDATED 7:12AM: added a video from the Swiss guy who did it after the jump.] The invasion of the unlocking methods continues after Israeli hackers claimed another one this Sunday. This is a variation of the hardware unlock, but without any soldering whatsoever. It's still complicated, but completing this McGyver-style feat won't void your warranty. If you don't leave any trace of opening the iPhone, that is.


The only thing you will need to perform this hardware unlocking hack is a couple of metal pins, cork and a piece of cable. The procedure in the web page is straightforward enough for anyone with enough patience to follow it.

However, you still risk frying your iPhone if you are not careful enough, so keep that in mind before trying. Of course, if you carefully open it, this method won't leave any trace of your hacking and you can always claim the iPhone broke on its own (bad, you bad!)


The alternative method has been tried by both the guy who published it and the Swiss guy, who performed it successfully and has it working in the Orange network, as you can see in this video:

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