Illustration for article titled New iControlPad Prototype Controls the iPhone with Dual Analog Nubs

The iPhone gamepad case is back with an overhauled design that brings controls to the front, and adds dual analog nubs (the same as the Pandora gaming handheld). There's also an internal battery that charges the iPhone while playing.



The previous design was a lot sleeker, and placed the controls on the side. But it didn't have those awesome nubs. A test run of those units were shipped to selected people in February, and early feedback, plus a "sleepless night", lead to the updated, bigger look.

You'll need to Jailbreak your iPhone, but the iControlPad is supported by some of the biggest iPhone devs (including ZodTTD's PSX and GBA emulators). If you're interested in placing a pre-order, sign up for the newsletter over at: [iControlPad]

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