New MacBook Pro Rumors: Bigger Trackpad and a Dedicated SSD for OS X

BGR is hearing that the upcoming MacBook Pros will have a larger trackpad and use a dedicated 8 or 16 GB SSD to run OS X. Also, they're supposed to be a half pound lighter. [BGR]


That's in line with what I was thinking they'll do, ditch the internal optical drive and use the room for an OS (and/or apps) SSD drive, with a larger 500 GB/1 TB drive for music, photos, videos, and other media. They might even be able to fit a slightly larger battery in with the space saved. With the Mac App store available now, I think the day of the optical drive has come and gone.

Considering what a huge pain in the ass it was to install Photoshop Elements on my iMac yesterday, I'm really not going to mind if more apps start using the app store for installs. The only thing I hope is that they eventually start offering some good sales prices like the iPhone app store does.