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New Mexico to Build a Spaceport for Space Tourism

Illustration for article titled New Mexico to Build a Spaceport for Space Tourism

Apparently space travel for the common man is closer than we thought, at least according to one county in New Mexico. They've just approved a tax meant to pay for a spaceport, so I guess that means there's a need for a spaceport, right?


For the low, low price of $198 million, they'll build a spaceport that Virgin Galactic madman Richard Branson will use to launch rich people into space for $200,000 a pop. Apparently this will be happening in a mere two years, so those New Mexicans had better start collecting those taxes ASAP.

MLive [via The Raw Feed]

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I heard of this story. Isn't this when the Movementarians were building a spaceship to take everyone to Blisstonia?