Moog, the company so beloved of prog-rock (plink-plonk, strum, zzzzzzz) and funk (Wikki-wikki, shukka-shukka, Yowzah!) artists in the '70s—founder Bob Moog started building Theremins back in the '50s with his dad. As you do‐has brought out a new MoogerFooger, a studio gadget beloved by today's producers and musicians.

The MF/FM has an onboard analog radio tuner which locks into frequencies across the FM radio band, to which you can mix your own music to. Once you start twiddling the voltage-controlled oscillator, the madness begins and your mom will think that there is an alien lifeform jamming with her beloved son.


It costs $349 and is available from April 1. Given that the date is a Sunday, there is a possibility that ths could be an April Fool, but IMHO, the product is not weird enough for a company like Moog to come up with. Perhaps that is the problem, and I have been well and truly duped.

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