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New Nook Color November 7th-Bound. Bound, Get It? Book Humor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While everyone is gaga for the Kindle Fire, according to reports, Barnes & Noble has been working on the next Nook Color. Get ready for a fall color-eBook-reader smack down. LET'S GET READY TO sit down, have some tea, and read to a nice book before bed.

The Digital Reader has three, that's right three sources telling them that the next generation Nook Color will be announced on November 7th. According to one source, Barnes & Noble will be refreshing their store design to include a Nook department at the expense of the Music, DVDs and Audiobooks. Frankly, it makes sense to kill those departments and replace them with the Nook. The little in-store Nook kiosks are pitiful.


The last Nook Color update was November 19th, 2010. So the November 7th date makes sense as a refresh date. If Barnes & Noble wants to compete against Amazon, they better get their device out there before the Fire's November 15th release date. And, if B&N can't pull the Nook Color price down to compete with the Fire, it's gonna be a sad holiday season for the book seller. [The Digital Reader]

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