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Coincidentally dropping with a new study showing more kids are peeping boobies online the XGate router plays off of the paranoia that everyone on MySpace is a pedophile, aiming to look over your kids' shoulders so you don't have to.

One part standard router and one part parent-that-you-aren't, it's "equipped with proprietary algorithms and databases enabling it to monitor paedophile grooming languages." Should it detect a conversation with some naughty no-no talk, it sends you an email or text message, allowing you to eavesdrop, kick your kid from the chatroom, or turn the whole computer off. The $196 price point includes a year's worth of upgrades.


Since none of these things are foolproof—and the crappy copy-editing on the site doesn't bode well—we imagine we'll be reporting on a lawsuit from some angry parent in oh, about a month, give or take.

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