New Photos of Sideshow's R2-D2 Figure Will Make Every Jedi Jealous

As a rule, Jedi aren't supposed to desire worldly things like fancy name-brand robes, luxury landspeeders, and especially toys. But there isn't a Jedi in our, or a galaxy far, far away, who wouldn't trade their lightsaber for Sideshow Collectibles' upcoming sixth-scale R2-D2 figure. Especially after seeing these new photos of the final production version.


Artoo will finally be available just around the corner in late February or early March for a reasonable $150—or at least reasonable compared to most of the sixth-scale figures Sideshow Collectibles sells. It includes a bevy of accessories that let you recreate almost any of R2-D2's most heroic moments, including a hidden lightsaber with a magnetic tip allowing you to open all of the droid's hidden access panels and pop-out articulated arms. [Sideshow Collectibles via Toyark]


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