New Polaroid PIC-1000 Models Shown Off, And Good News—They'll Work With 1000 Instant Film

Ask any Polaroid fan about their mood swings in the past 12 months, and I bet it'd go something like this: oh no, Polaroid is doomed. Oh yay, it got bought. Oh no, that fell through. And so on.

Thankfully all looks good again—except for the fact that Lady Gaga has been hired as their creative director. They've even got a brand new product being shown off at CES, the PIC-1000. It'll come in either metallic plastic, or a '70s wooden throw-back, and while pricing and availability hasn't been announced, it's enough to get my heart fluttering again.


The new model has a self-timer, flash and even red-eye reduction. And, thanks to the Impossible Project, it'll work with Polaroid 1000 instant film. Gotta love them apples. [Electricpig]

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