New PS2 Is Official, Power-Brickless, But Not Cheaper

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Despite rumors the new, internally powered PS2 would run just $99, in Japan it's selling for the same price as the old model: ¥16,000 (US $140). Even though it's no lighter on your wallet and isn't any more svelte than the current model, it does in fact weigh less, and comes in black, white and silver. For now it debuts Nov. 22 in Japan only, but a Stateside launch is most definitely in the cards, hopefully along with that price cut. [Machine-Translated Press Release via Kotaku via Saving Progress]



why is Sony still pumping these out? maybe cuz the ps3's no longer support ps2 games? or is it because they arent making money on ps3 and have to continue to milk the ps2 for all they can? as a console buyer, it really angers me when ANY company refreshes its lineup within the life span of the current generation. they sh!t on early this case, whatever. Sony is desperate.