New Rogue One Trailer Has Vader, Hope, X-Wings, and Big Clues

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Not only is there more Darth Vader in this new international trailer for Rogue One, we also get the full exchange explaining the title of this movie and a bit more of Jyn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) background.

Based on this trailer, we have a few things to note. They aren’t spoilers as much as they are speculation, but still:

The biggest thing of note here is the crystal Jyn’s mom gives her while saying, “Trust in the Force.”


We’ve been hearing rumors constantly that one of the revelations in Rogue One is going to be that kyber crystals—most famously used in lightsabers—are one of the key components of the Death Star. It’s been hinted at in Ahsoka, a book that takes place between Revenge of the Sith and An New Hope. That book even explains how the crystals can change color.

If the thing Jyn’s father was doing was experimenting with the crystals, which is why she has one, that would explain why the Empire came for him. And Jyn’s is a symbolic through-line from her childhood to the Death Star.


This is also the first time we’ve seen the Death Star in action in this movie, which looks like it might be the “weapons test” the Mon Mothma mentions:


Based on the rock formations, this looks like it might be Jedha, the planet that is a sacred place to people who worship the Force. And which is rumored to have something to do with the production of lightsabers—there’s that lightsaber/Death Star connection again.


We saw part of this before, but this trailer also has the team giving themselves the call sign “Rogue One.” There’s no real evidence for this other than my feelings, but I’m kind of hoping that this team either gets the plans to the Rebellion before going out in a blaze of glory or does something amazingly heroic that becomes famous in the Rebel Alliance so that Rogue Squadron names themselves after them. If it turns out it’s a coincidence, that’ll just be kind of sad.

Those are the three big new things in this trailer, the rest is just cool stuff. This movie looks gorgeous.