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New V-Moda Vibe and Vibe Duo Jacks Mean Fewer Dead Headphones (Hopefully)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you check out the ratings for V-Moda's Vibe or Vibe Duo headsets at Amazon or Apple, they're kinda crappy, bogged down a tons of complaints that they die fast. After an "unacceptable" rate of returns, V-Moda is acknowledging that the jack is behind the genocide and quietly launching a redesigned, reinforced one that'll hit shelves next week. Unfortunately there's no way to know if you're buying the newer, longer lasting model with a quick glance at the box.


As you can see the boxes are exactly the same. The only difference I could spot is that the year on the bottom of the box for the new set is 2008, while the originals are marked 2007, and that might not be a totally consistent tell. V-Moda hasn't told me whether or not all of the current models will be swept from the shelves to make room for the new ones, or if it'll be a gradual replacement as the old ones are bought up. If you have an older set that dies, they'll send the new ones as replacements, but that still sucks, since process obviously takes a few weeks.


Here's a comparison with one of Shure's jacks. The old polished metal end is replaced by a less classy rubber one set at an angle that seems like it'll solve the jack-induced low life expectancy. If you've already put in for replacements, you'll be getting the new set—some people already have received them. Other than the jack though, it doesn't look like V-moda made any other tweaks or improvements, so there's no reason to rush out and a buy new pair or anything. Just, uh, wait for yours to kick it. [V-Moda]