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New X-Shot Blasters Have You Targeting Bugs, Not Your Co-Workers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The folks over at Blaster Labs managed to get some surprisingly advanced info on a couple of new dart guns that Zuru will be adding to its X-Shot line in the fall of 2015—a full year ahead of their official release.

Most homes with a decent arsenal of foam dart weaponry probably have a 'don't shoot them at people' policy which will be a little easier to abide by with the X-Shot Bug Attack line, because kids are encouraged to use them to take out wall-walking bugs instead of siblings. Two Bug Attack guns were revealed to Blaster Labs: a $13 double-barreled shotgun called the Eliminator, and a $10 pistol called the Rapid Fire that both include eight darts as well as Zuru's Creepeez wall crawlers.


Kids are encouraged to throw the Creepeez at a wall, and then shoot the sticky toy bugs down as they slowly walk their way towards the ground. It's not only a clever way to sell two toy lines at once, it's also a great way to hone kids skills for when the spring rolls around and it's time to target the real-life creepy crawlies inevitably invading their homes. [Zuru via Blaster Labs]

Photos by Blaster Labs

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