New York City Looks Like a Fake Movie Set in This Trippy Video

New York City basically already looks like a living, breathing movie set in real life but this surreal video transforms the city completely by turning the buildings into fake facades that don’t actually house anything. Claire & Max gave the busy streets of New York an eerie sense of calm in the video by stripping away its depth and replacing it with just a front.

Even trippier, is the invisible hand that’s controlling everything.

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Not so fast there! It’s awfully convenient this article comes about a year after I postulated that New York City is really a covert operation run by the CIA for propaganda value against the Soviet Union! It was important in the Cold War to convey progress and success in each factions ideology so while the Russian’s faked factories and space missions, America faked entire cities with fake histories and historical materials! The only reason New York City exists to day is the same reason many Cold War weapon systems are still employed today are that it employs thousands and thousands of character actors and the various corporations lobby’s congress to keep the Pentagon’s OCO budget flush with cash and continuing the facade of so-called “New York.”