Whenever you're short on cash there's always one last resort: sell your stuff on eBay. It seems that New York State's hoping to plug part of its many-billion dollar budget shortfall by selling its old crap, too.

According to the press release from the Governor's Office, NYSSTORE.com will be serving up gadgets galore and other junk:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the Office of General Services (OGS) will launch "NYSStore," a new eBay-based online platform to sell unneeded state vehicles and other excess state assets. NYSStore will offer a spectrum of surplus state goods including office supplies, computers, cell phones, furniture, medical equipment, cameras, generators, tools, and other supplies that are no longer needed by the state. The sale will begin in early April with inventories updated regularly.


First up on the block will be 500 passenger vehicles, and according to at least one report a $17,000 bulldozer. [NY Observer]

Image via Johnny Lye/Shutterstock.com