New Zealand Transformer Coins Feature Heros We Actually Care About

For some reason the governments of the world think their constituents want to see images of political leaders and royalty. And while famous presidents like Abraham Lincoln certainly deserve recognition, New Zealand has decided to honor a couple of heros that are probably a lot closer to all of our hearts: Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Sure, Megatron might seem like an odd choice to put on a coin, given the endless destruction he caused to our planet. But without Megatron, Optimus Prime would have had no one to battle, and then what would we have all done after school and before dinner, our homework? The New Zealand Mint is also not oblivious to the fact that they have a guaranteed hit on their hands, so this set of two coins with a combined face value of just four bucks will actually cost you about $235. And even if they both weren't minted from almost 100 percent pure silver, the mint probably wouldn't have much difficulty convincing fanboys to snatch up the limited edition run of 5,000 sets.


[New Zealand Mint via Geekologie]

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