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Being able to escape to your own personal haven, complete with beautiful views and peaceful seclusion, is one of many dreams many of us have. Enterprising Kiwi Jono Williams decided to make his perfect retreat a reality and three years and $NZ75,000 later, he’s ended up with the above creation, dubbed the “Skysphere”.

According to Stuff.co.nz’s Rachel Clun, originally all Williams wanted was a treehouse, however, he came to the conclusion a simple wooden hideaway just wouldn’t do. He felt the need for something more “robust”, with the 10m-tall Skysphere the result.


If you’re wondering, yes, it has all the trimmings you could want in a remote place of comfort:

“My favourite feature by far is my refrigerated, in-couch beer dispenser that can hold 12 beers in the dispenser and cool an additional 36 beers,” says Williams.

“I can set the optimal temperature of the fridge on my phone, press a button for a beer, and get alerted when the dispenser is getting low.”

Other high-tech specs include voice-controlled coloured LED lighting, fingerprint locks, motorised doors and a wireless sound system.


It’s also solar-powered, so keeping all those gadgets going isn’t an issue and when it gets dark, well, there are plenty of lights to go around.


If you’d like to find out more about the Skysphere, Williams has a website up with photos of the construction process and other details.


Photos: Jono Williams / Skysphere

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