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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Newfangled science fiction drinking games (that we hope you don't play)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Some of you may choose to tipple this holiday weekend. Rather than playing your patented "drink whenever Hudson speaks in Aliens" game for the umpteenth time, why not give one of the following science fiction themed drinking games a whirl?


DISCLAIMER: We do not advocate drinking to excess or the following games.


Hello, Sarah Connor?
For three or more players. Every player starts with a beer. Open the yellow pages and call each and every John Connor, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, Edward Furlong, or Marcus Wright on speakerphone while speaking in a Styrian accent. Keep them on the line while reading verbatim from a 1991 Radio Shack catalogue. For every 20 seconds you keep them on the line, do not drink 1/4 of your beer.

Tron Loko
For three or more players. Pop in a copy of Tron or Tron Legacy. Players must drink Four Loko (or Joose or Mad Dog 20/20 or Cisco or whatever neon-hued alcopop doesn't make you retch) whenever a character...

1.) Derezzes.
2.) Boards some form of vehicular transport.
3.) Volleys back a disc.
4.) Drinks some digital liquid at The End of Line Club (Tron Legacy only).

Players must drink the liquid that matches the color on the character. Failure to drink the correctly colored hooch or to swig with expediency will result in a stern reproving from a non-participating player known as the Master Control Program. The MCP can force the offending player to drink double for every misstep. The MCP also has the final say on any and all rules quibbles. By the end of the game, the players will revolt against the MCP. This is inevitable.


Are You A Cylon?
For 6 or more players. This is more or less a standard game of handshake murder but with several exceptions.


First off, everyone carries a coffee mug full of their favorite hooch, Saul Tigh-style. Second, whenever you "die," you must pound whatever's in your cup. Finally, if you have slept with the person who's revealed to be "the Cylon," you must slug another cup.

Clever Girl!
For 10 or more players. Players must wait until night falls, whereupon they shall barrel into the woods with no flashlights. One of the players is "the hunter" — he or she is armed with a paintball gun and a flashlight. Every other player is a "raptor." The game is over once a raptor tags a hunter (or the hunter hits each raptor). The loser(s) must drink a Snakebite made of equal parts St. Ides and Apfelkorn.

They Live: The Drinking Game!
Played solitaire-style. First, wait several months until you sport a mullet. Next, leave your house full of liquid courage and bedecked with wayfarers and flannel. Compare the countenances of passers-by to sundry hors d'œuvres of a fondue-like consistency. You win if you avoid criminal prosecution. Do not rob a bank.


Harry and The Hendersons: The Drinking Game!
Solitaire-style. Go live in the woods until everyone forgets you exist. Wait until you are discovered by John Lithgow, at which point the game is over. Crush your beer.


Zardoz: The Drinking Game!
For one or more players. Try to make it through Zardoz stone sober. Anyone who drinks loses.