Newly Independent Rhapsody Gets Price Cut and Android App

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Rhapsody's been spun off from RealNetworks, and now we know what its future holds: the $10 Rhapsody Premier streaming music subscription service, down from $15, and a free app for Android handset users.


The service, called Rhapsody Premier, is accessible by computer, phone, or television. Existing subscribers beware: you'll have to update your subscription on-line to get the lower price. And while the Android app itself is free, you'll need a Rhapsody subscription to use it after a free one-week trial.

Rhapsody's 675,000-strong subscriber base is one of the largest in the US, and the price cut makes the service cost competitive with smaller services like Thumbplay. And with more streaming music subscription options on their way in the form of Slacker On Demand and Spotify, now's the time to solidify that leadership position. [Rhapsody Blog]


How is this better than something like Pandora? Is it just the lack of advertisements? Sure, some would call me cheap, but $10 a month seems pretty steep to get rid of the ads.