News.Me: Here's The NY Times' Answer to The Daily

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TechCrunch has an exclusive look at, a new social news iPad app that keys you into what your friends are reading/linking to, while allowing you share the news you're reading as well. Will it compete with The Daily?


Co-developed by betaworks, who are responsible for the link shortener, Erick Schonfeld likens to Flipboard. For incoming news, allows you to link your Twitter account and view friends' individual news streams, or you can combine them by tapping their avatar on a bar which runs across the top. For outgoing updates, you can share via Facebook, Twitter or email, and you can save stories to Instapages for later viewing. Schonfeld doesn't think the app will be free, since it will make use of premium news content, but it will be curious to see how much in direct competition and The Daily will be. [TechCrunch]



That's moronic. I don't care what news my friends are reading, I care what news is generally the most important things to know about. Half my friends are idiots.