[Updated: The source is rotten. Googling the tipster's email shows him to be a fraud. This story is being 100% retracted.- BLam] Someone close to the Infinite Loop Mothership just sent us a tip on what to expect at the Apple event this Tuesday: according to him/her/it, Steve Jobs will announce newly-designed iMacs —as expected


• New Macbooks: no cosmetic changes, will be getting Santa Rosa chips.

• Mac mini: total form change, all brushed aluminum and 15% smaller. Base model will have a 120GB HDD.

• The iMacs will be, as rumored, brushed aluminum.

And as a bonus, "the new ipods will be rolling around mid-September." Well, the next-gen iPods are far away, but we only have to wait two more days to know about the rest of the new hardware and see if the Close Source is right or not.


So how close is this source? Let's say... about 8.9 miles close. My gut feeling knowing who the Close Source is? I think that's pretty much what is going to happen. And it's quite logical too.

However, as we wait for Tuesday to come, you can always refer to The Giz's Own Theory of General Apple Rumors Relativity: never ever trust rumors.

[UPDATED: Yes, it's not true. And that's precisely why we have the Giz rule above. Never ever trust rumors. Engadget did more sleuthing and confirmed the same. ]


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