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Next-Generation iPhone May Have 5-Megapixel Camera, Sources Claim

Illustration for article titled Next-Generation iPhone May Have 5-Megapixel Camera, Sources Claim

Digitimes' patchy sources are claiming that OmniVision Technologies—the current manufacturers of the iPhone 3GS' 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor—has won a new contract with Apple to provide the Cupertino company with new sensors for the next-generation 2010 iPhone.


They claim that the new CMOS image sensors are 5 megapixels. OmniVision Technologies say the orders will increase too, from 20-21 million estimated this year, to 40 to 45 million CMOS for the 2010. [Digitimes]

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While a new camera would be OK, unless they're adding a flash it's really not going to help.

Oh and yeah I hope to god that's just a mock-up...otherwise it looks like we're in for a second coming of "Evolutionary rather than Revolutionary"...though I admit, it would be revolutionary enough to warrant the upgrade if it were the same hardware I have now on a non-shitty network.