Next Predator Movie Takes Us Back To Its Steamy Jungle Roots

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The latest on the Predator film from Nimród Antal, is that they are going green. Jungle green, that is — forest locations in Hawaii are being scouted, which could mean another MacGyver-ish human-versus-beast showdown.

According to a local Hawaiian site the Predator location scouting is under way.

Scouts for 20th Century Fox's $40-million creature feature are back on the Big Island for their third week of scouting Hawaii most of it where a lot of jungles have been looked at. The production would film for 18 days with an October start if the Hawaii portion is a go. That decision is expected to be made very soon…Some Hawaii production execs are being contacted about availability…


This is just further proof that Robert Rodriguez and Antal are serious about getting back to the roots of the series . So don't hold your breath for an outlandish Alien Versus Predator-style showdown — this film may be staying classy, and stripping it down to the bare essentials. Of course, judging from some of Rodriguez' recent statements, that jungle may be on an alien planet, so it won't be exactly the same as the original.

[Via Bloody Disgusting]