Nexus 4 Teardown: What the Guts Look Like

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Our friends at iFixit are in the process of tearing down the Nexus 4, Google's latest and greatest Android phone. If you're of seeing exposed chips, circuits, guts and innards in all their glory, you'll want to follow along.


We'll be updating this post to highlight any of iFixit's updates as they tear open the Nexus 4 to see if there is anything sneaky or cool or sneaky cool that Google and LG did to the Nexus 4. iFixit noted a few things about the repairability of the Nexus 4, saying:

The battery is stuck to the frame with a lot of adhesive, so removing it without puncturing the battery can be difficult.

The glass is fused to both the display and the display frame. So don't crack the glass unless you're good with a heat gun, or you're fond of replacing the glass, display, and frame together.

Read more about the Nexus 4 teardown at iFixit. [iFixit]


Cole Harris

Looks very well constructed!