Nexus S 4G on Sprint Is the Same Nexus S Plus WiMax

The Nexus S 4G on Sprint is a self-explanatory little phone: It's the same Nexus S—Android 2.3, contour display, NFC powers—but with the added goodness of Sprint's 4G WiMax network.


It's probably our pick of Android phones now on Sprint—the Evo is nearly a year old, and the major advantage of the Nexus S is that it'll be on the bleeding edge of Android updates. Combined with Sprint's Google Voice integration, this is the Google Phone. Even if it's no Atrix 4G in terms of ultra-powered specs, it's good to see this phone make some headway on other carriers. Especially now that this kind of phone won't be happening with T-Mobile, if the AT&T deal goes through. The 4G-boosted Nexus S will be out this Spring for $200 with a two year contract. [Google]

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