Nexus S Mysteriously Self-Deleting Photos

Samsung, Google, and Sprint are all trying to figure out why some users' Nexus S phones are nuking pictures without any explanation, Computerworld reports. It's a toughie, because there doesn't seem to be any common cause behind the deletions.

The lack of a shared error is making things tough for Google: "Thanks for the responses. Seems like you are all having slight different experiences, but I'll pass your reports along and see what we can find!," lamented one customer service rep to griping Nexus owners, claiming there wasn't "a ton of consistency in reports" regarding missing pics. One thing is certain: Anthony Weiner is kicking himself for not owning a Nexus S right now. [Computerworld]


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If this were an iPhone bug, it would be dubbed "Photo-deleting-gate" and people would never stop talking about it.