Another gadget to keep your laptop from burning you silly, Nexus's TDD-9000 liquid cooling pad is a soft, velvety cloth filled with a patented, gel-like substance that needs no plugs, wiring or electricity to quietly, yet actively, cool your laptop.


Apparently, resting your laptop on Nexus's cooling pad for 40 minutes will keep your personal computer 14°C cooler than it would if you were to place it on a regular surface. Because it uses no electricity, the pad can be "re-energized" by lifting and shaking it every 20 minutes for the gel to keep cooling your laptop. Supposedly, just ten seconds on this pad will make your laptop significantly cooler too. For £23 ($36), this must be a super magical laptop cooler if it has ten second cooling periods, with no plugs or wires, consisting of gel in a sack that must be shaken every 20 minutes. [Nexus via ForeverGeek]