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Yes, I know it seems like a video game kit may be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your lady, but guys, I'm here to tell ya that unless she's really, REALLY cool, you may want to skip the Dream Arcades limited edition Pink or Red-themed Arcade Kits with pink or red ball-top joysticks and t-molding. Though the "gift of game" is being marketed as the perfect way to please her this February 14, maybe the limited-edition Valentine's Day version of the head-to-head and side-by-side arcade kits isn't really worth the $1049. In fact, I can assure you that two nights at the Four Seasons will make you a much happier man than a few hours of Ms. Pac Man—unless she's a Real Doll and/or is really into pies with pink bows. The Arcade kits are compatible with PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 and upgrade control panels can be added to the kits for $169. That's just in case you don't take my advice.

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