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Gee, would Negroponte just pick a name for the OLPC laptop and stick to it? First the $100 laptop was just called the $100 laptop, then "upgraded" to the CM1: The Children's Machine 1, then the 2B1 Children's Machine. Now? XO, which stands for nothing (besides being short for hugs and kisses).

Now called XO, the device has evolved into something both practical and sleek. Gone is the second prototype's hand-cranked generator, meant to free students from the need for an electric plug. (One broke off in Kofi Annan's hands when he demonstrated it at a UN tech conference last year.) Instead, the XO comes with a separate fist-sized generator. You pull a cord to make juice, like starting an old lawn mower.


Seriously guys. You better get your MIT acts together, cause this is ridiculous.

This PC wants to save the world [Fortune via OLPCNews]

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