Nicostopper Helps Kick the Habit

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Cold turkey is a delicious meal and one hard feat to accomplish. If you are unable to kick the smoking habit that way, then allow the Nicostopper to help. Nicostopper may look like an MP3 player, but it is actually a device that will release cigarettes at timed intervals. It will hold 10 cancer sticks and also offer motivational messages in attempt to ween you off of cigarettes. If you thought smoking was an expensive habit, trying to quit is even worse, the Nicostopper will set you back $300.


Nicostopper, Helping You Become Smoke Free [Uberreview]



I liked the Linkman mentioned here. It's $80. One can set the initial duration between each cigarette (from 10 minutes to 1 month). Thereafter, it increases the duration between each cigarette by 0.00390625. I think this little keychain might be better for people considering this strategy for quitting. The Nicostopper is going to require all the same self-control that my gadget does, while taking up more room, and needing batteries replaced or recharged.

I started about a month ago with 30 minutes between each cigarette. Now, I'm up to a duration of more than 90 minutes. I should be able to quit in a few months.

Now that I've got my gadget of choice out of the way, I'd like to praise permission-based quitting methods. This method is ideal for people that really like to smoke. Patches, gums, even hypnotism may work well for people that are sick of smoking and are only chemically addicted. If you still enjoy smoking, however, permission-based quitting is great. The best thing about it is that every time you succeed at complying with your quitting strategy, you're rewarded with a cigarette!

There's plenty of other advantages to such a strategy, but I'm afraid my comment is getting a bit long.