Nikon D3s With 1080p Video Plus Mystery Camera Announced Next Week? (Hooopefully)

Nikon's holding a buttload of events around the world Oct. 14, meaning new camera. Specifically, it's rumored to be the D3s—a tweaked version of the conveniently out-of-stock D3 with 1080p video recording, along with a new mystery camera.


Rumored D3s specs follow thusly

* Nikon D3s with ISO 200-12800 (D3 was with ISO 200-6400)
* New ISO range HI-3 at 102,400 ISO
* 12.1 mp FX sensor (same as the D3, but tweaked)
* 14fps
* D-movie with 24 fps/1080p

Don't hold your breath on that ISO, but the rest is very possible. It'd make sense that a D3s would be their first DSLR to make the jump to 1080p video (we'll honestly cry if it has 720p).

The other possible camera, which might just have us more excited is a compact with a DSLR-sized sensor inside, sorta like Leica's X1. We'll be waiting for Oct. 14 with bated breath, that's for sure. [Nikon Rumors]


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