Nikon D90 and D3x DSLRs Dropping in June?

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June is shaping up to be a hot month for DSLRs. Fresh off spotting the 24.4-megapixel D3x lurking in the D3's firmware, whispers out of Japan are that the monolith is due by the second week of June, along with the D90, an update to Nikon's well-loved D80. Pure rumor, but Thom Hogan is symbiotically attached to Nikon equipment, and Photography Bay has a decent BS detector. And the D3x is obviously around. So let's call it 50-50? [Thom Hogan via Photography Bay]




@Darrone: For some people it is. There are photos that cover the sides of buildings...

@vibegota: A bigger, better quality scan just means more defined grain. The weak link is the film.

Phase One 60mp back > Film

@GOKOR: 10mp vs. 20mp is easy to see, as long as it's a huge print. The whole point of more megapixels is a larger photo. Regular sized prints are not how you test that.