My favorite feature of the S500 and S200 is the ultra rapid start up time of 0.6 seconds, and .0005 lag between shutter button release and the shot. What's the math on that? Do other cams come close, or is this a meaningful stat provided by the PR machine?

Quick start aside, the 7MP, 3x cameras and their positioning to their siblings, the S50, is confusing. Essentially, the S200 is the lowest in the entire range, and the S500 the highest, when you compare apples to apples. Here's why I'd take the S500 over any of the others in Nikon's S-line.


The S200 and S500 aren't clearly better than those S50 cameras in Nikon's new style line. All four cams hover in the 7mp range. But the S50/c has a 3-inch LCD while these two have a 2.5 inch screen. And the S200 has only a electronic, not optical vibration reducer, and only 1000 ISO — not great compared to the cams coming out this PMA show. Having said that, the S200 and S500 seem like they've got better, more traditional telescoping lenses on them, and higher ISO ratings of 2000 on the S500 sounds amazing despite the unavoidable grain on such a small shooter. Plus, these two cams are somehow cheaper, at $250 and $300.

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