Nikon's Android Photo Frame Converts 2D to Glasses-Less 3D for a Monthly Fee

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Nikon's Android-running digital photo frame probably won't make it out of Japan, but unlike most frames the NF-300i actually sounds pretty cool. It converts any image from 2D to 3D, with the 3D visible to glasses-less eyes.

The 3D conversion is part of their updated "my Picturetown" online storage service, which goes 3D in Japan this December. The 7.2-inch glasses-less 3D display is the same array of magnifying lenses that Fujifilm has used for its lenticular 3D compact cameras' screens. Nikon's photo frame is an 800 x 600 resolution LCD, and can be viewed within 1 meter.


As I said, it runs on Android 2.1 and can show images in 3D and 2D, as well as play 3D movies. It's got an ethernet port as well as wireless LAN, and one USB port for adding media. Thanks to the size it might be pretty cool to prop it on your bedside table and watch movies in 3D, but as you know it's nowhere near "true 3D" and if it's anything like Sharp's parallax barrier quality, then I'm not sure I'd be wanting to look at it for too long.


It'll be pretty pricey too, which may put people off—Nikon's renting the NF-300i for the equivalent of $240 a year (with a price for converting 2D images to 3D, which quite frankly is necessary if you want the darned photo frame in the first place). Otherwise, if you cough up for the NF-300i upfront (no word on price), the monthly fee for the conversion service is $25. [Tech-on via 3D-Display-Info]