NimbleTV Lets You Stream Your Cable Anywhere Without a Box (In New York Only for Now)

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If you pay for cable or satellite you should be able to watch it anywhere on any device. You paid for it! That's already possible by using a Slingbox, but NimbleTV wants to let you do it without a box. Disruption.

Instead, the service records your pay TV for you remotely and then beams it to the web for your viewing pleasure—no hardware required. AllThingsD reports that the service goes to beta today and will add 250 users for starters. If all goes well the company hopes to open up the service to the public for a $20 subscription fee.

Those 250 trial slots are going to go to folks who've already signed up for information, which you should go ahead and do if you want to know when the service goes live. Expect some delays, though, if the cable/sat/tel-cos sue, which is very likely. As with Aereo, which provides a similar service for free TV, the whole "not-having-a-box" thing is legally fraught. [NimbleTV via AllThingsDigital]


Image via dean bertoncelj/Shutterstock