In light of our anti-RIAA campaign, it's interesting to look at artists who are trying to operate outside of DRM-infested distribution schemes, actually taking advantage of the internet to get their stuff out. I don't know how many of you have been following it, but Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero campaign, on top of a fairly sophisticated ARG, has been distributing tracks from the upcoming album on USB flash drives at concerts. The first two were found in bathroom stalls (ick) and then another taped to the barricade at a show.


They've all been 320 kbps MP3, DRM-free and widely distributed. Of course, the RIAA had a conniption, even though it's an official NIN viral promotion, pretty much proving our point. We're up to four tracks out right now, so who knows if more are coming. Nonetheless, it seems like a better way to deal with album leaks than suing the pants off of people and their grandmothers.

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