Nintendo Decides You Can Trade in Wii Speak After All

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We were pretty pissed when we found out that the Wii Speak mic comes with a one-time code to download the "Wii Speak" channel that'll let you use it, since a single use, irreplaceable code meant you couldn't trade it in, because it would be a useless bundle of plastic of wires. Nintendo is backpedaling now to say that, don't worry, you can trade it in. It's just a huge pain in the ass, since you'll have to call up Nintendo and get a Wii Download Ticket number. Gee, thanks. [Eurogamer via Kotaku]

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I wish Nintendo had stuck to their guns on this one. It may have prompted game devs to promote something similar for their software. The used game market in general is raping the devs of profits and in turn forcing them to resort to other measures to try to make up the difference. If the obliteration of GameStop will save me from in game ads (or at least reduce them), it would be well worth it.

I think if people want to buy used and trade games they do it privately. Gamer to gamer. The idea of a company making more money on a product than the people that produced it sickens me.