Nintendo Shuts Down New DS Rumor Hard

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Those of you hoping for a next-gen DS to be unveiled by Nintendo at E3 this year will have to stop by the supermarket to get a gallon of consolation ice cream on your way home from work. Nintendo Japan just shut down the rumor by saying "We cannot comment...but at the very least there won't be anything like what Mr. Hamamura suggested..." That's a complete denial if we ever heard one. Of course, Nintendo could be going in a completely different direction and rolling out a Nintendo Triple Screen, the TS. That would be nothing like what Mr. Hamamura suggested. [IGN via Go Nintendo via Kotaku]

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'willyolio' has a good point, butI would posit that the Wii is selling fine itself. Could we perhaps finally see the true Gameboy successor that was promised ?

I know...I know...that was only a hedge against the DS NOT being the smash bang grand slam that it was/is. But remember, nintendo also wants to attract more serious/stoggy/adult users to their wares. Perhaps they've redirected their third pillar to be little more like the fabled pandora ? More Pim/media/business/communication oriented with a hardware KB, but retaining a fair amount of gaming utility perhaps ?

Even if they are still cooking up another handheld platform, they'd be wise to shelve it (retail box and all) for now. Any more excellent product lines and they stat canibalizing their own sales...

But a guy can dream...