Nintendo Switch Carved Up By a Waterjet, Keeps on Gaming

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You may have heard the Nintendo Switch has some problems. Some units have dead pixels, the Joy-Con controllers don’t always work, and people are 3-D printing their own fixes for bothersome design issues. But damn, you can cut this thing up with a waterjet and it still functions.

While gamers far and wide are scrambling to get their hands on the limited supplies of Nintendo’s new console, these two jerks decided to destroy one for YouTube glory. What they ended up with is probably one of the best commercials that Nintendo could get.


In honor of the Switch’s only big game (Zelda) the dudes at the Waterjet Channel decided to slice the Triforce design into the system’s screen while it’s on. They’re blown away to find that it keeps running as the screen gradually breaks up in an inky, shattered blob. At a minute and eighteen seconds, the first triangle is complete and surely this thing is done. But nope, not until the cut out shape falls out of the device, severing all connections does it finally give up the ghost.

Now, when your seven-year-old manages to destroy theirs by dropping it from two feet in the air, you can be extra mad.