Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan on Apple Comparisons and Revolving Door Hardware

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MTV's gaming blog, Multiplayer, strikes again, this time chatting up Nintendo's VP of Marketing, Perrin Kaplan. One of the questions tossed her way was about the creep of Apple comparisons post-Wii—white aesthetics, marketing, rapid hardware turnover and so on. She basically bats it down, aside from mutual love from their customers:

I don't know that I would make a comparison in lifecycles in products between Apple and Nintendo. Two very different companies. Two very different kinds of consumer expectations. I think the similarity in the companies comes in complementary braveness for taking risks and being highly innovative. And I think that's where the mutual recognition comes from.


She continues on, saying that, thankfully for those of us with slim wallets, "There are a lot of ways to adapt new things without bringing out a new piece of hardware for it. So two really completely different kinds of arenas." On the other hand, when asked about where we're supposed to save the potential flood of games coming via WiiWare, she responded, "You'll just have to have a lot of extra cards." Not exactly the response we were hoping for. [Multiplayer]



For as smart as Nintendo seems, there are a couple of easy things they could do to make the Wii take over. Like you guys alluded to, some kind of hard drive would be great. Also, making their product readily available to the buying public would be pretty cool, too. (The fact that they still aren't in stores everywhere is ridiculous.)