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Nip/Tuck Your Ugly Friend's Face With the Olympus VR-340's In-Camera Make-Up Kit

Illustration for article titled Nip/Tuck Your Ugly Friends Face With the Olympus VR-340s In-Camera Make-Up Kit

You have this friend. He did you a favor one time and now he's just there, hanging out all the time, looking ugly on your Facebook. This $150 dollar point-and-shoot has the tools to fix his fugly mug.


On the surface, the Olympus VR-340 might appear to be just a camera with OK specs packed into a tiny package for a bargain basement price: A 10x lens on a dinky-sized 16-megapixel sensor is nothing special and nothing to shake your fist at either. It's just, you know, a budget point-and-shoot camera that's coming out in March.

But then you dive into the camera's features and you realize that this is way more than just a diminutive point-and-shoot camera thanks to Olympus' new "Beauty Make-Up Mode". Take a portrait of your less-than-handsome chum in this mode, and you'll be given a battery of pre-programmed tweaks in an interface that looks like a digitized make-up and plastic surgery kit. You can whiten your friend's teeth, beef up his nonexistent eyelashes, shrink his double chin, and even get rid of the horrid, omnipresent dark circles under his eyes. In total you can add up to 18 "enhancements" to you friend's features.


The lesson is clear. Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge a point-and-shoot until you familiarize yourself with its features. [Olympus]

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Nothin's gonna help my friend Delmer.